Who is Primacom?

Primacom Ventures is a business enterprise whose main objective is to enhance communications in any organization that wants to establish a separate and unique outlook to their various activities within their marketing and communication mix.


Africa has come to be recognized as a potential for a lot of opportune business possibilities and in all these Primacom Ventures sees culture as the bedrock of every society and as an underlying factor for business corporation. It should therefore be well understood by most businessmen, so culture becomes strength to be explored.

Good communication often separates the most successful companies from the rest.


Primacom Ventures desires to assist companies and organizations who want to be proactive about ensuring strong communication and who want to gain a significant competitive edge.


We claim we are experienced but it is for your organizations to prop us on in this regard because we depend on the information we have about you to work. Due to specifics we would like to build an interactive relationship because we see that as a tool to collate our information for the job.


To assist companies in enhancing their marketing projects, social image, and various internal and external business processes by means of workable and adoptable communication techniques.

Enhancing marketing projects, social image & business processes

by workable communication techniques